1500V Energy Storage

Dual MUC, quad core processor
Rich interfaces, cabin management
Triple network redundancy, supporting Modus TPC/IEC104/IEC61850
Equipment status monitoring and inspection
Human-computer interaction, user-friendly interface
Second-level data storage analysis throughout the entire lifecycle
Supports Ethernet high-speed transmission
Support functional safety, multiple redundant protection measures
Supports 5500m high altitude applications
1500V reinforced insulation design, load national safety standards.
Multiple redundant protection measures, high security
1500V reinforced insulation design
Support 8-64 strings
Supports air-cooled and liquid-cooled multi-scenario applications
Support fan speed regulation, fault diagnosis, MSD status monitoring
Supports active/passive balancing
Support N+2 full temperature acquisition

1500V Energy Storage BMS

functions, expanding cabin-level management,
Enhance battery stability and balance
Improve system O&M efficiency
Reduce system O&M costs

Active Balance BMS

Bidirectional chip-level active balancing
Supports simultaneous equalization of all cells
High security, high reliability
The maximum equalization current is up to 3A

Household Energy Storage BMS

Anti-circulation design, arbitrary pressure difference paralleling
Flexible installation, automatic address allocation
Autonomous chip technology
Support module cross copper bar detection
High robustness, automatic offline of faulty equipment without affecting system operation
Meets functional safety requirements and has passed multiple international certifications such as IEC/UL/JET
Secondary architecture design, support multi-cluster paralleling
It meets functional safety requirements and has passed many international certifications such as IEC/UL/JET
Four-level protection strategy to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the system
Supports a variety of PCS

Communication Base Station Backup Power BMS

Equipped with 4G module
Balanced function, extending battery life
Support remote monitoring function
Short-circuit protection

Standard High-Voltage Box

Meet the electrical design protection configuration
Multiple redundant protection measures, high security
Distributed control, effectively isolating fault diffusion energy
Dual power supply design



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