Large-scale energy storage power stations
Improve the dispatchability of clean energy, alleviate the abandonment of wind and light, smooth power fluctuations, reduce the impact on the power grid, and improve the utilization rate of output power lines; Energy storage can be combined with thermal power to participate in frequency regulation.
Total Control
Big Data Edge Computing; Battery Safety Monitoring And Diagnostics; Equipment Status Inspection
EMS Management System
Cloud Edge Collaboration; Remote Monitoring; Efficient operation and maintenance
High-Voltage Energy Storage System
Built-In Master(BCU),Realize the control, protection and data communication functions of energy storage battery cluster.
Plug-In Slave Control
Innovative Structure Of Platform Plug-In Design
Program Features/Value
  • Multi-Scenario
    It is suitable for flexible applications of multi-scenario energy storage such as source, grid, load, and shared energy storage.
  • Efficient
    Precise optimization of system operation control strategies for different scenarios, with high efficiency in deep circulation.
  • Intelligent /Smart
    3+X architecture supports remote O&M and data analysis
  • Safe
    1500V reinforced insulation design, battery status warning and precise protection
Topology diagram of large-scale energy storage power station



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