Echelon Utilization
Xieneng Technology uses algorithms such as battery equivalent circuit model, embedded neural network fuzzy inference system and unscented Kalman filter, combined with chip-level active equalization technology, to achieve fast echelon cell screening and high-precision battery comprehensive state estimation. The Internet of Things and blockchain technology are used to realize the collection and traceability management of echelon battery product data, combined with deep learning algorithms, to predict potential problems such as short circuit and thermal runaway in the battery in advance, and realize the full life cycle management of the battery.
Full Life Cycle Traceability Technology for Power Batteries
Establish a battery lifecycle management system
  • The first demonstration center in China to process 5,000 tons of echelon utilization per year.
  • Selected as a pilot enterprise for echelon tilization in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces
  • Selected as a whitelist enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Program Features/Value
  • Chip Level Active Balancing
    The self-developed chip active balancing technology can achieve consistent adjustment across the entire range from a single unit to the entire battery system.
  • Big Data Analysis And Processing
    The Internet of Things technology combines big data analysis to achieve safety warning for tiered battery utilization. Identify issues such as internal short circuits and thermal runaway in advance to provide assurance for the safe operation of tiered battery products.
  • Full Lifecycle Management
    The use of blockchain technology to file and authenticate the echelon battery, and the mandatory annual inspection can be implemented.
Hierarchical Utilization Topology Map



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