Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage
Help users to "cut peaks and fill valleys" in time-of-use electricity prices, save electricity costs, and increase economic benefits; At the same time, the flexible charging and discharging of each distributed power source and charging pile is adjusted, the load curve is smoothed, and the demand for peak shaving and capacity backup of the large power grid is reduced, and energy storage can assist the access of distributed power sources to provide friendly power for the power grid.
Human-Computer Interface
EMS Management System
Cloud Edge Collaboration; Remote Monitoring; Efficient operation and maintenance
High-Voltage Energy Storage System
Built-In Master(BCU),Realize the control, protection and data communication functions of energy storage battery cluster.
Program Features/Value
  • Balanced Protection
    Independently patented balancing circuit design and balancing algorithm to reduce losses.
  • Intelligent O&M
    Cloud edge collaboration,;intelligent and friendly,;24-hour system performance monitoring
    Research and development,production, implementation, and after-sales professional one-stop service process
  • Power grid frequency regulation and peak shaving
    Suitable for frequency regulation and peak shaving of power grids, peak shaving and valley filling, microgrids, etc
Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Topology Map



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