New energy vehicle BMS
Xieneng Technology has mastered the core technology of BMS, fully leveraging the superior performance of batteries while providing the best protection, ensuring battery performance, extending battery life, reducing operating costs of electric vehicles, and assisting in the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry.
Electric Vehicle BMS
Battery status monitoring and analysis ;Battery safety protection ;Information/Energy Management
Program Features/Value
  • Autosar architecture
    Implement software BSW, RTE, ASW development using standard specification architecture, standardize interfaces, and improve software portability and stability.
  • Model development
    Utilizing visual graphical models to complete complex logical designs and automatically generate code increases the reliability and reusability of the code, greatly improving development efficiency.
  • Model Process
    Requirements are decomposed and transmitted layer by layer, and there is a basis for design, development, and testing verification. Strictly follow the process to ensure traceability of requirements and consistency in product development.
  • Functional safety
    The core devices all use high-level authentication chips, with rich security mechanisms covering critical signal processing paths.
Power topology diagram



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