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Management Technology
BMSER is a leading third-party provider of new energy BMS products and application solutions, and is committed to becoming a solution leader in the new energy industry.

Based on battery management technology, BMSER provides high safety, high reliability, high performance products and high quality services for energy storage, power, communication base station backup power and other application fields.
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Research And Innovation
Since its establishment in 2012, the company has always been focusing on the battery management field, taking scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force for business development.
After more than 10 years of product development and technology accumulation, the core products have been certified and tested by UL, TUV, IEC, JET and other international authoritative certification bodies, and have more than 100 patented technologies and intellectual property rights.
Accumulated Patents
Battery Pack Active Equalization Circuit And Method

Equalization Control Chip Equalization Control Method

Main Circuit Control Circuit Of Energy Storage Equipment
Authoritative Certification At Home And Abroad
UL/TUV/JET International Authoritative Certification

The Entire Series Of Energy Storage Products Have Passed Verification And Certification
Industry Honors And Awards
National Specialized, Refined, And Innovative Small Giant Enterprise

Best BMS Supplier For Energy Storage In China

China/Global Third-Party Energy Storage BMS Ranks First In Terms Of Shipment Volume
Core Technology
BMS product performance is determined by "chip + algorithm".
BMSer masters the core technology of BMS and continuously optimizes and iterates, leading the technical development of the third-party BMS industry!