120MWh FM energy storage power station in the UK
UK grid-side FM project

Xieneng Technology provides localized technical support

100MWh PV storage integration project in the United States
Cooperate with photovoltaic power generation projects to create grid-friendly clean energy multi-energy complementary projects

BMSer provides BMS and high-voltage boxes.

Xinjiang 200MW/800MWh Energy Storage Power Station
China's largest electrochemical energy storage power plant

The energy hub of southern Xinjiang, the integrated photovoltaic and storage station realizes flexible peak regulation and frequency regulation of the power grid

Anhui Jinzhai 200MWh energy storage project 100MW/200MWh Shared Energy Storage Power Station
China's largest energy storage power station using active balancing technology

It will have a positive impact on solving the problem of local new energy consumption and strengthening the peak shaving capacity of the power grid.

Yecheng 500MWh energy storage project
Exploration of green and low-carbon transformation of traditional energy bases

500MWh energy storage power station Clean energy supply new energy station Actively and evenly improve the benefits of the whole life cycle energy storage system

Gaotang 8MWh High Voltage Energy Storage Project
The first 1500V high-voltage energy storage system in China

DC side by 396 strings of lithium iron phosphate batteries in series, the highest voltage of 1425V, is the first china 1500V high-voltage energy storage system.

Yellow River Hydropower Qinghai Gonghe Phase II 10MWh
Energy Storage Project
China's largest ternary battery cell energy storage DC side integration project

Qinghai Gonghe Phase II 11.8MWh Energy Storage Project, which is used in conjunction with Qinghai 400MW Wind Power Plant