Huzhou Tianneng Group 0.5MW/1MWh energy storage project
Five sets of self-developed 100kW/215kWh energy storage cabinets are used for parallel operation

Modular layout, flexible deployment, safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

Xinchang 120kW/400kWh optical storage and charging integration demonstration project
Xinchang's first "optical storage and charging" integrated charging station project

It can meet the charging needs of 8 electric vehicles for long-term charging and increasing high-power and rapid charging. It is estimated that the annual replacement of fuel can reach 89 tons, reducing carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides and other exhaust emissions by about 2 million cubic meters

Hangzhou Sixth Space 100kW/215kWh energy storage project
It provides a guarantee for the power output of the sixth space

Digital system operation and maintenance,Intelligent energy dispatching