Pilot Breakthrough|HipNergy won the Best Solution Award for New Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage in China in 2023.
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Recently, by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, Southern University of Science and Technology, Carbon Neutral Energy Research Institute, Southern Power Grid Energy Development Research Institute, together with more than 100 organizations to support the "Carbon Neutral Energy Summit Forum and the Third China International Conference on New Energy Storage Technology and Engineering Applications" was held in Shenzhen. XieNeng Technology, in-depth scenarios and continuous innovation, with the leading BMS cloud-side collaborative digital solutions won the 2023 China's new industrial and commercial energy storage best solution award.

With the theme of "Green, Economy, Safety and Development", the conference focuses on the sustainable development of new energy storage technology, and focuses on the opportunities and challenges faced by the energy storage industry and other key, hot and difficult issues to be fully discussed. Mr. Wang Zeshen, Secretary General of China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, pointed out that China's new energy storage industry has entered into a period of rapid development, and the wave of digitalization and intelligent development has put forward new requirements for the internationalization of the new energy storage industry, and also brought new momentum for the development of the industry.

Hundreds of billions of ecological blue ocean market

In the next 3 to 5 years, industrial and commercial energy storage will become mainstream! Liu Yong, Secretary General of Energy Storage Application Branch of China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, pointed out and released "2023 China Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Development White Paper". The white paper expects that in 2023, the global industrial and commercial energy storage new installed capacity will reach 1.5GW. by 2025, the global industrial and commercial energy storage cumulative installed capacity can reach 11.5GW. among them, China and the United States will become the two major markets, the combined installed capacity is expected to account for more than 50% of the global.

Distinguished from traditional power stations on the power generation side, new energy power stations and grid companies on the grid side, industrial and commercial energy storage, like home energy storage, belongs to the user-side energy storage, aiming to provide energy storage products for factories, shopping malls, optical storage and charging, microgrids, data centers and other energy-consuming enterprises. Industrial and commercial energy storage power plant can also be through the peak and valley electricity price difference, auxiliary services, demand response, etc., industrial and commercial energy storage can bring stable income for investors.

The winds are rising and the challenges are many.

Commercial and industrial energy storage in the domestic application of diverse scenes, diverse needs, and with it, the market for energy storage technology and program adaptability and stability of the high demand. Industrial and commercial energy storage systems seem to be less difficult, in fact, it is not, which involves system coupling, electrical safety, energy management, battery health and linkage protection and other areas of technology, need to specialize in technology and solutions.

At present, various domestic products are blossoming, and the state has not yet issued authoritative standards. Industrial and commercial energy storage projects are still non-standardized bidding, the system integration design is uneven, we pay little attention to BMS, 3S (BMS, EMS, PCS) is difficult to efficiently linkage. Lithium battery safety, consistency, capacity degradation and other issues bring security risks and application pain points, difficult to effectively solve.

In addition to the challenges of technological innovation in system integration, there are multiple factors such as policy environment, market mechanism, and constantly pushing up the non-technical costs, which constrain the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Thickly built up and steadfastly pursued to a far-reaching conclusion

The "2023 China New Energy Storage Industry Innovation Award Series" is a public welfare activity with the criteria of "Responsibility, Promotion, Influence and Leadership". Since 2023, HipNergy has participated in a number of industrial and commercial energy storage projects in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places with its cloud-side collaborative digital solutions. The award of "Best Solution Award for New Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage in China in 2023" represents the recognition of the industry and the market for the industrial and commercial solutions of Synnex Technology.

HipNeng Technology focuses on BMS innovation and technology development, keeping pace with the market and continuously empowering the industry! Nowadays, HipNeng Technology penetrates into industrial and commercial scenes, and with more than ten years of precipitation, it has opened the technical barriers between BMS and EMS to form the energy digital brain!

Hip Energy Technology Cloud Edge Collaboration End-to-End Digitization Solution - Energy Digital Brain

Edge: Data interoperability between edge computing and network.

Cloud: Integrate system data and establish the whole station database. Station control system and algorithm security prediction, cloud-edge collaboration for big data analysis, to realize the whole life cycle management of energy storage power station.

Through distributed data collection and analysis, integrated energy storage management, intelligent safety operation and maintenance, energy and asset management, PACK-level thermal management and other capabilities, it realizes refined battery performance monitoring, high-precision edge computing security, active battery safety warning, panoramic analysis of system operation, cyclical intelligent inspection and intelligent remote management. It effectively solves the problems of battery cell consistency, enhances the stability and balance of the battery, extends the life of the battery cell, reduces the rate of battery degradation, prevents the safety risks of the battery body and the system, lowers the cost of system management and maintenance, and enables the whole station to operate efficiently and safely.

A big wave of sand, the wind and clouds. Currently, the energy storage industry is developing rapidly, and market opportunities are emerging. Recently, the industry "involution" is serious, some companies began to play the "price war", but technology is the core competitiveness of enterprises based! Hip Energy Technology will adhere to the technical innovation as the driving force, through continuous deepening and breakthrough BMS technology boundary to promote the healthy development of the energy storage industry!