HipNergy won the Outstanding Project Award in the Technology Innovation Category of the 8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition.
2023 / 03 / 27 2024 / 01 / 12

1On January 7, the "2024 International Energy Storage Innovation Competition" qualifier was held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, the following day 2024 China Energy Storage CEO Conference and the eighth International Energy Storage Innovation Competition Qualifier Award Ceremony was successfully held, Xie Neng Technology was awarded the Outstanding Project Award in the Integration Technology Track of the Technology Innovation Group with the external split target active equalization BMS.

BMS Masters Wins Another Award

"The International Energy Storage Innovation Competition was initiated by the International Energy Storage Technology and Industry Alliance and Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry and Technology Alliance, with the aim of encouraging technological innovation and cutting-edge explorations, promoting exemplary business models, setting up benchmarks for energy storage technology, and promoting the high-quality development of the energy storage industry. "The International Energy Storage Innovation Competition is the wind vane for the technology development of the energy storage industry!

As the public welfare event with the strongest credibility and highest authority in the energy storage industry, it has collected more than 500+ entries since it was held in 2017, helped hundreds of excellent participating enterprises docking with the capital market and broad application market, and concluded a solid bond and injected abundant vitality for the communication and development of the energy storage field. After layers and layers of screening and scoring by professional judges, HipNeng Technology's "External Split-Type Targeted Active Balancing BMS" successfully won the "Outstanding Project in the Integration Technology Track of the Technology Innovation Group".

Focus on Innovation

In the battery system, battery inconsistency is the root cause of many problems in the current energy storage system, and the main factor affecting battery inconsistency is not only the battery itself, but also the more critical equalization capability of the BMS. Compared to passive equalization, active equalization compensates for the differences in battery packs in a fast and effective way with energy transfer, ensures battery consistency, extends the service life of the battery packs and the average time without failure, and effectively improves the economic benefits of the whole life cycle of the product.

Active equalization will be higher than passive equalization in the initial investment, so how to not increase the initial investment costs, but also when necessary to increase the active equalization on demand has become an urgent problem, XNeTech has developed a plug-in removable active equalization BMS for this demand, and according to the battery situation directional installation can significantly reduce the cost of active equalization. HipNeng Technology proposes: external split-targeted active equalization BMS solution - realizing on-demand equalization through the combination of hardware and software.

(external split-target active equalization BMS)

  • External mounting, eliminating the need for wiring harness adapters, facilitates installation and maintenance.

  • Split usage makes it possible to add active equalization on demand.

  • Flexible increase or decrease of active equalization module, and according to the hardware selection target implementation of active and passive equalization strategy.

  • Hardware circuitry does not borrow external power supply, truly plug and play.

  • The software accurately determines the packs that need to be equipped with active equalization and makes prompts.

  • Implement active equalization strategy for packs with active equalization through settings.

Technology-driven is the master

HipNen Technology has been focusing on the research and development of active equalization technology since the beginning of its foundation, and has more than ten years of project application and technology accumulation. At present, HipNen Technology's active equalization system has been widely used in many scenarios, such as large-scale energy storage system, industrial and commercial energy storage system, household energy storage system, industrial and commercial vehicles, and so on.

The award is the market's affirmation of HipNen Technology's technology, and is also a concrete manifestation of HipNen Technology's focus on BMS technological innovation and research and development. As the only BMS award-winning enterprise in this track, Synnex will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, focus on the core technology of BMS, and build a technical "moat". We will continue to lead the development of third-party BMS technology and contribute to the new power system.