"Energy" Gusu |Associate Energy Cloud Edge Collaboration-Digital Energy Brain at the Second China International Energy Storage Exhibition
2023 / 03 / 27 2023 / 09 / 01

The 10th China International Photovoltaic Storage and Charging Conference and the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition, organized by the Energy Storage Leaders Alliance, was grandly opened in Suzhou from August 28th to September 1st. More than 1,000 energy storage manufacturers participated in the exhibition, which was an unprecedented event. HipNergy presented its Digital-Wise BMS products at the exhibition, and won the "2023 Best Energy Storage BMS Supplier Award" with its industry-leading products and excellent service.

The power of "energy" in every aspect.

With the scale development of the energy storage market, customers in the industry are paying more and more attention to segmented solutions. In response to the diversified scenarios and applications, HipNeng Technology brought the latest generation of BMS products & full-scenario solutions to the exhibition. It focused on the new generation of air-cooled and liquid-cooled BMUs, which combine the top BMS technologies, and its compact product size and strong application capability attracted the high attention of energy storage colleagues and industry experts.

HipNeng's products are upgraded with "core", covering the whole range of segmented scenarios. Through this product update, Synergy has a full range of solutions covering large-scale energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and household energy storage. Compatible with air-cooled/liquid-cooled systems, it has the advantages of high safety, high efficiency, intelligence, balanced protection and flexible configuration.

Dedication and determination "can" make a difference

In 2021, General Secretary Xi pointed out: build a new type of power system with new energy as the main body. China southern power grid limited liability company expert committee full-time member Zheng Yaodong on new energy abandonment behavior research pointed out that: in the new power system energy storage only to meet the abundant, intelligent, safe, efficient four characteristics, in order to play the real value of energy storage. Digitalization and intelligence is the way to go for the development of new energy storage.

In the new product release area, Hip Energy Technology brought the keynote speech of "Safe, Efficient, Reliable, Intelligent - Battery Management System", which demonstrated the significance of BMS in the safety management of energy storage system by dismantling the core mechanism of energy storage system safety management. Through self-developed chip, PACK-level thermal management, active safety, cloud-side collaboration and other technologies, Hip Energy creates a highly safe, highly reliable, highly efficient and digitized intelligent energy brain! Digital intelligence empowers and helps energy storage scale up!

Ten Years of Focus on "Can" Make a Difference

On the evening of August 29th, EESA Starlight Award Dinner was held in Suzhou Jinji Lake Kempinski Hotel. China International Optical Storage and Charging Conference has gone through ten years. EESA has been focusing on the BMS track for more than ten years. During these ten years, EESA has witnessed the start and development of China's energy storage industry; XENERGY insists on technology research and development and independent innovation, possesses outstanding BMS technology in the industry, and has led the iteration and development of third-party BMS industry technology for many times.


EESA looks at the energy storage industry and selects outstanding enterprises with excellent contributions from a professional perspective. With its leading products and high quality service, HipNeng Technology stood out among nearly 1,000 enterprises and won the "2023 Best Energy Storage BMS Supplier Award", which is an important manifestation of HipNeng Technology's core competitiveness in the field of battery management. In the past ten years, HipNeng has walked together with the energy storage industry and EESA!


Today, with the diversified development of new energy storage, the energy storage industry has higher and higher requirements for each system. Hip Energy Technology focuses on BMS, plows into BMS innovation and technology development, and matches high-security, digital and intelligent solutions for different scenarios. With "core" as the core and ecological BMS as the foundation, it creates cloud-side synergy - digital energy brain. Contribute to the green and low-carbon transformation of energy and the development of energy storage technology.