Energy West | Co-energy to escort China's largest electrochemical energy storage power plant
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Project Background

Recently, Xinjiang's largest single-capacity optical storage integration project--Xinhua Power Shache 1,000,000 kW optical storage integration project is connected to the grid in full capacity. The project has a total investment of about 5 billion RMB, with an installed capacity of 800,000 kW and supporting energy storage of 200,000 kW/800,000 kWh, which is the largest electrochemical energy storage power plant in China at present.

The project is a key energy construction project in Xinjiang in the "14th Five-Year Plan", located in the Photovoltaic Power Generation Park in Shache County, Kashgar Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It adopts a 1500V lithium iron phosphate system and is equipped with a total of 77 sets of Booster-Converter Integrated Machines (BoCMs), 154 sets of DC Battery Prefabrication Chambers (BPCs), and one set of Energy Management System (EMS). Among them, the BMS (Battery Management System) and high voltage box are provided by Hip Energy Technology.



Hip Neng Technology, empowered by "core".

In this kind of high-capacity project, the failure prediction and health management of battery components is the key point of the project, which is related to the technical and economic feasibility of the program.

Based on the automotive-grade self-developed chip as the core and based on the functional safety and other technologies, HipNeng Technology creates 1500V high-voltage BMS with high precision, high voltage resistance, high adaptability, high grade insulation and high anti-interference, which is a perfect match for 1500V photovoltaic system. Through the "intelligent core, safety brain, reconnaissance ear, patrol eye, defense mouth" to achieve the full amount of data monitoring, visualization and safety warning, rapid positioning, maximum prevention of battery and energy storage system safety risks, and effectively ensure that the energy storage system is safe, stable and efficient operation.

Safety: Through edge computing, real-time state analysis and battery core warning, it carries out full life cycle management of the battery, which can effectively identify battery abnormalities, intelligently diagnose failures, and provide early warning and maintenance. Cooling power can be intelligently adjusted for individual PACKs according to temperature and operating status. It realizes multiple protection such as PACK-level battery cell warning and active and passive temperature control;

Lifespan: Realize two-way lossless energy transfer through unique intelligent algorithms and automotive-grade equalization chips, combined with PACK-level adaptive thermal management system, overcoming problems such as the consistency of electric cells in large-capacity energy storage stations and effectively extending the lifespan of the battery system.

Program design and O&M: Support massive data and equipment access. Adopting daisy chain communication, designing the ring chain function at the software and hardware layers, checking each other through multiple communication paths, increasing the robustness of the system, making the sampling more accurate and the communication more reliable, and realizing "millisecond-level" response. This ensures the stability of data interaction of large-capacity energy storage power station system and realizes intelligent operation and maintenance.


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Eco-Grade 1500V High Voltage BMS from Synergy Technology

Driving Battery Management to a Higher Dimension


Project significance, the largest in China

Shache 1,000,000 kilowatts of optical storage integration project is the largest single optical storage integration project in Xinjiang and even in China. According to the calculation of one charge and one discharge per day, it can generate 292 million kWh per year and reduce carbon dioxide emission by about 230,000 tons. This is equivalent to the power required by 500,000 residential users for one month during the peak of electricity consumption. It has an obvious supporting effect on the grid's peak regulation, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, etc., and can improve the security and stability of the local power grid.

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The project is an important part of a large-scale green energy base integrating ten million kilowatts of water, wind, light and storage in the Yarkant River Basin in Xinjiang. It effectively utilizes the rich solar energy resources in Shache County, promotes the power industry in Kashgar, improves the power structure of the Kashgar regional power grid, rationally develops clean energy, helps Shache accelerate the pace of "carbon neutrality", and has far-reaching significance for Kashgar and even the southern Xinjiang region in enhancing the energy supply capacity and promoting the green transformation of energy.

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Hip energy vision, add wings for storage

At present, the development of new energy storage technology in China presents a diversified situation, the industry has entered the lane of rapid development of scale. As a leading BMS company, Synnex Technology will continue to focus on technological innovation with the responsibility of "assisting the dual-carbon goal and the construction of a new type of power system". New energy battery management technology and products as the core, to promote battery management and new energy business toward high-end, intelligent, green. For China to realize the green energy transformation and upgrading, new power system construction to provide important scientific and technological power and technical support.